About this Letter

sorry, there’s not enough (or any) news to call it a news-letter — anyway, calling it a Letter is actually nice (remember those?)

But what is it about? Not sure. One, some or a mix of the bellow - we’ll find out:

  1. I'll update this once I can look back and explain what is happening here. But you know "past performance does not guarantee future results". Maybe you can take a read and tell me - and all of us - what is it about.

  2. Anyway, this is what I thought some time ago:
    Some ideas just need to get out of my mind and into the world so they can eventually mate other ideas have other baby ideas and eventually make a difference.

  3. Ideas? Maybe not - maybe some musings, half-backed thoughts, conversation starters,… anyway it would be good to connect, personally, over email with no algorithm to mediate and manage your bubble.

  4. This is a selfish exercise to work on some ideas and feed my loop of learn -> write -> connect

  5. It will probably reflect my interests about Humans and Systems (#notetoself need to write about what does this mean)

About me

Really? do I have to talk about me?

Proud husband and father of 2 and a dog, disguised as a normal guy.

The key-verbs?

care | think | connect | ask | listen | create | learn

Topics of interest?

Humans + Systems = systems of humans, humans and systems, humans in systems,...

these may touch standard topics like marketing, innovation, leadership or entrepreneurship.

Oh… in case you’re looking for stamps, I also collected some in the past:

Eng MSC, P&G, McKinsey, Series C Startup, MBA, COO, VP,...

⚠️ Subscribe at your own risk ⚠️

If you subscribe you’ll get one more email every week - every week! that’s 52 emails per year, 520 in the next 10 years (who said I was not thinking long-term?). Do you really want that? What are you really looking for in these emails?

It’s fine if you’re just being nice and your subscription is how you show your support for whatever is this. But if you don’t know me, don’t care about me, I really think you should give it a second thought… ok done… continue.

Btw, Have you noticed that there’s an asymmetric value distribution here between you and me? I mean, I always get the benefit of writing, even if you don’t get the benefit of reading. Of course, I want you to like it (and do something with it), but, worst-case scenario, I’ll always have the writing 😝

Anyway, your attention is appreciated. Thank you.

Use of English Disclaimer
I'm not an English native nor even a bilingual. So forgive me for my not-so-perfect English.

I don't speak native English, but I can make myself understood in English most of the time. Sometimes, I can go wild, overconfident maybe, and create new English terms or phrases (I know this is not what they call creative writing). 

Now you know. Now you can forgive me if English is your native language, and my (ab)use of it may offend you.